Join Your Tribe!

The Boulder Jewish Teen Initiative (BJTI) is a community collaboration focused on building relationships with teens and growing the larger Jewish teen community. We work with 8th-12th grade students from all affiliations, backgrounds, schools, and Jewish identities in the Greater Boulder Area.

Connecting, Consulting and Coaching. BJTI is hub for all opportunities and programs for Jewish teens on a local, regional and national/international level. We also help out other Jewish organizations in town with their youth work, visioning and training. Additionally, we are in direct relationship with our teens to act as coaches and mentors for any needs they identify or need help navigating.

The Kitchen Cabinet (Teen Advisory Board) is Boulder's premier Teen Leadership Laboratory. The Kitchen is Boulder’s premiere Teen Leadership Laboratory. A two-semester program where members participate in monthly “Kitchen” gatherings that are sequenced to help them grow as young adults, emerging leaders and modern Jews. First, we center on introspection: who you are, your strengths and opportunities for your growth. Second, we shift to a training modality; communication foundations, group dynamics and how to step into your leadership style. Third, members choose a “track” or interest area within the BJTI program construct and take on internship responsibilities that range from working groups, program planning processes, and on-the-job coaching and accountability.

High School Clubs. Our high school clubs are student led gatherings that happen at school during lunch periods or immediately after the school day ends. These clubs last around 30min and explore upcoming Jewish holidays, current events, and topics our students choose through Jewish frameworks. We are excited to support student-led clubs at Centaurus High, Boulder High, and Fairview High. Grab a friend and stop by, nosh for a while, meet new people, and enjoy the activity offered that day.

“The Scene” We run three programs a month targeting 9th-12th grade students from all affiliations, backgrounds, schools, and Jewish identities. These monthly programs are organized and implemented by our Kitchen (Teen Advisory Board) and fall into three categories:

  • Be the Change: Cultivate your drive for social change. Learn about specific issues and join your peers in direct service programming. Examples include: monthly Tech Teens and BJTI Mitzvah Days
  • The Big Deal: This monthly program is designed to be one that draws a large number of participants, has a theme, and often is focused on socializing and fun. Examples are Community Wide Teen Shabbat Dinner and Dance, trip to the Escape Room or Gateway Fun Park, or “Sushi in the Sukkah.”
  • Chillin’ with the Tribe: A “fast casual” style gathering after school at a location around Boulder. Join with your friends for FREE coffee/tea and snacks

NaviG8. Boulder’s premiere 8th Grade Experience. A collaborative effort with the entire Boulder Jewish Community that positions itself to be a formative step in a young adult’s Jewish exploration. We’ve crafted this program to be accessible and designed for all Jewish backgrounds that requires less commitment than traditional education models. We plan to dynamically engage our participants through immersive experiences, relationship building, critical thinking, and a personalized approach focused on the psycho-social and identity development of participants as they prepare to enter High School. Gatherings will be sequenced with ensemble building, applying relevant frameworks, interactive workshops, and reflective processing. Topics range from social dynamics, time management, current affairs, Israel narratives, drugs/alcohol, and gender/sexuality through Jewish lenses. Our intention is for participants to gain a larger peer group, more confidence in themselves and newfound inspiration and passion.