The Boulder Jewish Teen Initiative Advisory Board (v.1) is a  body comprised of volunteers who are professionals in a specific field and/or who are parents of Jewish youth in the Boulder, Colorado area. This body will meet every three months with the aim of providing advice, suggestions, and feedback to the BJTI Director and professional supervisors. The Board will address items such as programming, teen recruitment, fundraising, and policy creation.

  • Examine and help plan strategies for BJTI teen recruitment, and marketing.
  • Build a budget and financial strategy to ensure sustainability for the BJTI.
  • Create policies for the BJTI that address cross-organizational events, advertising of camps and other youth programs, BJTI kashrut, and other operating procedures.
  • Vote on policy, operating procedure, or other foundational elements.  In this case each attending member of the Board is allowed to cast one vote per agenda item.
  • Lend the name/profession/organization’s credibility to the BJTI by serving on the board.