Our mission as said by Sylvia Barak-Fisman, is to “facilitate positive experiences that help teenagers internalize a desire to create and maintain lifelong connections with Jews and Judaism.”

To accomplish the above goal, we engage the following strategies and methodologies:

  • Meet our teens where they are developmentally, socially, physically and emotionally; taking into account scheduling restrictions, family obligations and an individual’s goals.
  • Expand our teen’s peer cohorts and networks by bringing together participants from a variety of backgrounds, schools, formal affiliations and Jewish identities.
  • Choices that are based on specific interests and relevant topics that provide tangible takeaways and impart Jewish values and perspectives to the participants.
  • Create space for leadership roles and opportunities to take ownership of events and activities.
  • Serve as a connector for our teens to local professionals, organizations and events, as well as national and international opportunities.
  • Provide our teens access to positive Jewish role models.
  • Expose and explore diverse ways to practice and identify as Jewish.