Boulder's premiere Teen Leadership Laboratory. A two-semester program where members participate in monthly  gatherings  that are sequenced to help them grow as young adults and emerging leaders.  An incredible opportunity for our teens to collaborate and make meaningful decisions about the future of their Jewish community.


What is this all about? This is a group of high school students in the area who are the elected or self-selected leaders of our Jewish Culture Clubs in several area high schools.  We are creating space for them to brainstorm and plan all of the club gatherings in a collaborative and supportive gathering.  Additoinally we provide ongoing skills training and real-time platform for these leaders to put these skills to use.  This group meets monthly on a Sunday over dinner and is sponsored by BJTI.

What goes on at these meetings? There are three goals for each meeting.  First is for our community’s teen leaders to get to know each other and what is going on in Boulder’s Jewish teen space.  Second is to provide the community’s Jewish youth professionals with feedback about events and trends in the community and making suggestions or brainstorming ideas for future potential events.  Lastly, at each meeting there are two or three responsibilities (reviewing the upcoming calendar of events for example) that members of HaMitbach will be assigned to (on a rotating basis) that will help them use and polish leadership skills. Oh, and we eat yummy food the whole time.

What is expected of me? The commitment is quite low compared to a lot of other extracurricular activities. Make sure your parents sign the waiver.  Attend at least 7 of the 9 HaMitbach meetings.  Attend at least one other Jewish teen event in town every per month (including the super easy to show up to High School Clubs.)  Be honest and nice when giving feedback, working with others, or brainstorming ideas.

What will I get out of this experience? This group is unlike any other teen leadership opportunity in the greater Boulder area.  It is a monthly platform to actually use and try out leadership skills with coaching and mentorship from several youth professionals.  Free Sunday dinner!  Even more impressive, is that you are one of a few voices that is shaping the direction, structure, offerings and decisions for BJTI as an organization as well as the Boulder Jewish teen landscape as a whole.  How many teens get the opportunity to make suggestions to the Executive Director of an organization that then are implemented across a city? Join HaMitbach to make meaningful change in your city!